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ImpactDLT is a marketing and consulting company that utilizes distributed ledger technology to provide a unique, effective, secure and trackable marketing and branding solutions.


ImpactDLT is a full service solution provider. Understanding and developing a complete package from software engineering to product creation to effective marketing campaigns.


Distributed Ledger Technology is not always an effective solution for each client. There are numerous solutions to any given problem, most of the time it needs to be looked at from a different perspective. Our diverse team members come from multiple backgrounds and schools of thoughts so that ImpactDLT can provide the best solution to your need.

Our Products

IOTA Coins

ImpactDLT’s IOTA Coin showcases the combination a physical product combined with distributed ledger technology to create a truly unique product which can be multipurposed from marketing to supply chain / ownership tracking to secure wallet.

Each coin has its own unique IOTA private key, encoded on the NFC chip. The key can be randomly or user generated and encrypted.

To use the IOTA coin, simply scan the NFC chip, deposit some IOTA using your IOTA wallet app, and the IOTA will be stored securely on the coin. The coin can be given as a gift and decrypted with a password.

IOTA Gift Cards

The gift of IOTA cryptocurrency is as simple as a card.

An IOTA loadable gift card. Just scan the QR code and a loadable address is displayed. Each card contains a unique SEED that is encrypted by a password that is hidden underneath the scratch off security label. Scratch off the security label then you can access the loaded funds on the SEED.

Each seed is encrypted with AES 256bit encryption and generated by ImpactDLT in house to prevent tampering. We do not save any SEEDs. Please treat loaded IOTA gift cards as cash, we do not have the ability to recover the data on the card.

Meet Our Team

Management Team

Stephen Cheung
ImpactDLT - Founder & CEO

US Securities Licensed Series 6 & 63 in 2006
Crypto-currency investor/miner from 2011
US Financial Planner from 2000

Stephen Cheung

ImpactDLT - Co-founder & Product Architect

Founder, Acyclic Labs
Member, IEN
Co-founder, Blockchained India

Kumar Anirudha


Eric started his professional career in the Government Consulting sector. During his full-time employment, he also began part-time at George Mason School of Law. After graduating in 2014 with a J.D. from George Mason, Eric passed the Virginia Bar and is now in good standing with the American Bar Association as well as the Virginia State Bar.

Eric Cheung

Chief Legal Officer

Thang has a passion for applying data science to solve business challenges and has found success in Marketing and the customer journey. Thang's graduate work is in Data Science at Northwestern University.

Thang Vo

Chief Analytics Officer


Sean Chang

Sean Chang career started with Merrill Lynch’s Investment Banking Division in New York. Multiple finance and investing roles in China and America. He is an avid Fintech and crypto aficionado.
MBA: Chicago Booth School of Business

Sean Chang

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